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This web space is for reporting on the phalanx 100. Specifically it will determine the version number of each module in the phalanx 100, its version number as a package, an Ubuntu package, and a debian etch package. These versions will hopefully provide an idea of the process a perl module takes as it goes from CPAN to a debian-based distribution. More tests will be done later, mostly aimed at determining suitability of packageing and trying to assess the points where CPAN and debian intersect.

I imagine an alioth-like space where developers would have access to a mini cpan that would get turned into a debian package, built in a cowbuilder, go through a complete lintian test, and perhaps other perl specific or debian specific tests. All of this would be automated so one would be able to read a report on a particular module and its 'debianification' before it gets packaged. Hopefully this would catch potential bugs and provide further quality assurance for debian's perl packages.